Join a 7-week study of JavaScript and functional programming. The group will be aimed at Intermediate programmers, but it will be fairly accessible to beginner programmers as well. We’ll meet on Thursday nights at 7-8:30 pm, starting October 9th and ending November 20th (7 weeks total) and meeting at the Moscowork space at 120 E. 3rd St. The main materials will be the free e-book JavaScript Allonge, and the class will be led by Jon Staab, of Element Robot LLC. There will be a list of discussion questions emailed out prior to each meeting, and some exercises assigned throughout the course. Here’s the reading breakdown:

For October 9 – Preface and Introduction
For October 16 – Chapter 1 and Chapter 3
For October 23 –  Chapter 4 and Chapter 5
For October 30 –  Chapter 6 and Chapter 7
For October 6 – Chapter 8 and Chapter 10
For November 13th – Chapter 11 and Chapter 12

Throughout, we’ll angle at building a single page web application – the backend will be written in node.js, and we won’t be using any javascript frameworks on the front end (we’ll be writing our own!). We’ll host it on an amazon ec2 server, and collaborate on github. Needless to say, I’ll do some introduction to that stuff before we really get started.

To register, contact Jon at Registration is free, but once the class is a week in, registration will be closed.

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