MosCoWork Open House: Encore Edition

Our doors have been open for about a month and a half now – and things are fantastic! Between mobile apps, 3D printing, architecture, photography, educational videos, and security services, 16 people currently call MosCoWork home for their business. And there’s still room for more. To celebrate our first week we had an open house with a […]

When? Tonight. Where? MosCoWork. Who? You.

This week has been our first week of operation, and things have been fantastic! We’re still working on a few small things here and there, but the place is stunning. The Moscow and Pullman area is definitely ready for a space like this and the excitement in the community shows it. And tonight, we’re throwing […]

MosCoWork: Now Open 24/7

MosCoWork is now officially open for business and the space has already been buzzing with energy! There’s a few things to finish up here and there but MosCoWork is definitely livable. Not only is MosCoWork’s parent company Woväx working away in the space, others have already joined us. A production company that specializes in educational curriculum, a photographer […]

Save the Date for MosCoWork!

Over here at MosCoWork the dust is swirling through the air and the buzzsaws are still grinding away. Things are coming together right on time. And in less than a few weeks’ time, MosCoWork will be ready to help you thrive and create. To mark this exciting occasion, we are opening our doors with a […]